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Distribution of 26'869 copies

Channel of distribution Quantities
Real estate brokers 3'293
Lawyers and Notaries 579
Architects 908
Medical 1'298
Banks 1'402
Hairdressers and Beauty salons 1'174
4-/5-star hotels 1'800
Golfs / Flying clubs / Aeronautics 108
Channel of distribution Quantities
Company 3'091
Embassies / Consulates 88
Gourmet Restaurants, Lounge and salon VIP Airport 1'650
Naville newspaper kiosk 100
Subscribers and mailing VIP* 11'298
Stock 80

*Very high category of buying power. Individuals able to buy almost everything: the best area, the most beautiful furniture, noble wine, expensive hobbies and luxury cars. Professional fields: senior executives such as general managers, head doctors, commercial managers, editors and managers.