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Technical Data

General informations

Copy printing 25'000 copies
System printing Rotative offset quadrichromy
Format 210 mm x 285 mm
Trame 60
Scheduled Publications See the planning
Paper Shiny Art paper 115 g

Advertisings preparation:

Corporate advertising

Files: PDF/X quadrichromy (fonts and images integrated - 300 dpi minimum)
See the tutorials below!
Full format: 210 mm x 285 mm
Cutting owerflow 5 mm
Proof: Provide proofing of your advertising with 5 mm owerflow cutting

Advertisements (real estate brokers)

Layout Horizontal   Vertical   Simply vertical
Layout: 3 possibilities    
Principal image Minimum: 140 mm x 100 mm
Secondary image Minimum: 43 x 35 mm
Resolution in 100%: Minimum: 300 DPI
File extension: JPG - TIF (ou TIFF) - EPS - PNG
Color: CMYB: quadrichromy (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black)
Text: Word files – 600 characters maximum with spaces


Here are some tutorials which will simplify the preparation of your advertisments.

Photoshop CS2: Tutorial "RVB in CMYB" (in french)
How to transform an image RVB into CMYB, in the good resolution and registring in tif extension.
In-Design CS2 Tutorial check upstream (in french)
How to check and to repair the errors on a file In-Design with the aim of an printing in four-colour process.
In-Design CS2 Tutorial valid PDF file for printing works (in french)
How to create a valid pdf file for printing works with In-Design.

PDF print screen parameter:
Screen 1 - Screen 2 - Screen 3 - Screen 4 - Screen 5